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Help my parents!

Posted on by GG Newton - 3 comments

OMG! I can't believe you do this! I found a VNA for my mom, but taking care of the house is way beyond her abilities anymore.

I can now rest assured she will be taken care of both medically and her home will not deteriorate!

We're off to Florida

Posted on by DS Newton - 5 comments

Way to go Nachon!. I feel really odd giving my house keys to my neighbors just to feed my goldfish and check in on the house. Now I found a solution without embarrassment.

By the way, thanks for starting my truck. I hate not running it every once in a while.

I hate sub contractors

Posted on by JR Waltham - 1 comments

There is one thing I hate doing is telling off my landscaping guy for ruining my rhododendrons. You knew just what to say!

I am glad you know so many sub contractors! The hardest part is trusting these trades people to do a great job.

You saved me big time!

Posted on by MS Canton - 4 comments

I was going to pay a contractor $3,000 to do my walkway and you found a company to do it for $1800 and it came out perfect. You are worth your weight in gold!

Having you take care of my bills for me makes it even easier!

My strip mall

Posted on by MF Sharon - 3 comments

Let me get this straight, my last property manager forgot to bill for so many things? Finally I am turning a good profit!

Not only that but my property has never looked better!